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If you’re ready for spotless outcomes, call the cleansing company with a pristine image. VIP Pool Care, is a cleansing business whose employees are particularly trained in the most modern-day and effective cleaning strategies. Our specialists are also trained in product use and safety treatments. We work diligently to guarantee that all cleansing service plan specs are performed to the greatest sector standards.


We are not pleased with our cleaning services unless you are, to assure the highest level of cleaning services, we make use of quality control programs that include onsite inspections and client surveys. We always urge client interaction and utilize your input to elevate our level of cleaning services.


Acid Washing


This is a popular technique used to help improve the appearance of your pools finish. As a pool ages the surface can develop stains and the appearance can diminish.  An acid wash is where acid is used to remove a small layer of the finish and in many cases can greatly improve the appearance of the pools finish. There are several variables that can effect the results such as the age of the finish, the degree of stains embedded in the finish and the type of finish on the pool. An acid wash can help prolong the need to refinish the pool by removing or lightening stains  caused by algae, or  environmental conditions.We will take all measures to lift any stains but some stains that are deeply embedded may leave some trace of  discoloration.  While an acid wash can improve the appearance of your pool it is not a substitute for re finishing but may provide results that will improve the appearance to a degree that a re finish can be delayed.

If a customer has a pool that is open or more likely to develop stains it is recommended to regularly employ techniques to remove stains. While all company’s use different techniques to remove stains there is no guarantee that these techniques can remove all the stains from a pools surface.


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