Now that we can all turn off our heaters and enjoy our pools as a refreshing way to get through the hot Summer days, is there anything better than that?

Yes!  Yes there is!  Have you ever considered a salt system for your pool?  Salt systems use aqua salt to generate chlorine which makes your pool water softer, cleaner and smell better.

Saltwater Pools

  • A major part of having a saltwater pool is generating your own chlorine. Traditional chlorine pool owners buy, handle and store their own chlorine. Manual chlorine usage (putting it in the pool yourself) often causes a build-up of algae and other fungi and wears down the pool faster. However, saltwater pool owners have a chlorine generator to produce a steady flow of chlorine, preventing them from having to buy it and handle it. This also reduces the algae build-up in the pool and potentially preserves the life of the pool. The steady flow of chlorine keeps the chlorine level consistent, preventing a lingering overabundance of chlorine. It costs more up front to convert your pool, but you end up saving money over time.

Saltwater Cleansing
  • Salt water pools stay arguably cleaner than chlorine pools. In saltwater pools, the constant flow of chlorine from the generators kill chloramines faster than chlorine pools do, resulting in less harm to your skin and eyes.

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